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Remember Mushroom Giftware?

Posted on October 26, 2015 by Past, Last and Present | 1 Comment


Happy Birthday, one year as gift wholesaler Past, Last & Present 

A little over a year ago we transformed from well-established and much loved wholesale supplier - Mushroom Giftware to Past, Last & Present, an innovative, online, competitive Australian gift and homewares wholesaler.

Mushroom Giftware
Past, Last & Present logo
We saw that the wholesale market was changing and we restructured our business to significantly reduce our overheads so we could offer approved retailers amazing wholesale prices, free or heavily subsidised delivery, fast and easy online ordering and great customer support. 

...and based on our first year trading as Past, Last and Present, it seems you approve...

Since our transformation we've shipped more than more than 500 orders to retailers across the country.  We've had over 40,000 of you visit our website and collectively you have viewed almost 300,000 pages on our website. We've also approved over 600 new trade applications.

.....all this, and we're just one year old!

We'd like to say thank you for your support during our first year as Past, Last and Present and look forward to supporting you and your retail businesses for many years to come.

If you are a previous Mushroom Giftware account holder and yet to activate your Past, Last & Present pre-approved trade account, we make this special invitation to give us a try us. If you need help with your account just email us and we'll get you up and running

If you have any feedback, concerns or just want to reach out to our support team feel free to contact them directly at

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Our Top 10 Pinterest Visual Merchandising Inspo Boards!

Posted on October 01, 2015 by Past, Last and Present | 0 Comments

Stuck in a rut for Visual Merchandising inspiration? We've been there too, and find the best place to get out of the rut and get your creative juices flowing is to look outward for inspired design.

Below we share our curated list of top our favourite visual merchandising Pinterest boards. If you're not already on Pinterest we'd recommend signing up. Its free and there is loads of visual and retail inspiration to be found.

Jenny Baker

Visual Merchandising Ideas 

JW Foy

Gift Shop Mag


Store Design Ideas

Visual Merchandising Ideas

Escaparates Visuals

Ivy Gail

In Ex Moda

If you've got a great source for visual merchandising, shop display or retailing design, we'd love to hear about it.

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Inspiration for Christmas Shop Styling

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Designing an interesting and eye-catching store display for your the festive season can difficult, however a bit of forward planning, creativity and thinking outside the square can help your merchandising displays stand out from the rest.

Here are 5 great store displays to help get your Christmas styling creativity flowing.

Add a twinkle to  your display

Add a little Twinkle to your displays with fine fairy lights.

Christmas Gifts in Gold

Trade the traditional Red and White Christmas colours and go bold with Gold!

Use bright colour to draw the eye

Use the novel shop merchandising idea to add attention. Try Green spotlight paint and twinkle lights to turn this idea into a Christmas styling piece.

Bring the Outside in!

Bring the outside in!

Christmas Box Tree

Make a Christmas tree of shadow boxes

 We'd love to see some of your shop style, send pictures and details to

Check out our great Christmas stock collection here.

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5 Quick Visual Merchandising Tricks

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Visual merchandising has the purpose of making shopping easier for your customers and help them discover the products within your shop. It also assists to direct customers eyes to prime product lines that have a high yield. Studies have shown that visually pleasing stores are more profitable so it makes sense to spend some time considering how to arrange your stock to maximize customer in-store spend.

Today, our in-house stylist shares 5 quick visual merchandising tips to inspire your visual merchandising creativity.

1. Grouping in Colour Collections

Gather items with different shapes, sizes and textures but with a similar colour to build an interesting visual collection.

2. Merchandising with Lines and Rows

Using vertical lines creates a great focal point which can help draw attention to a small products that might otherwise be overlooked.

3. Same Same But Different

Building a collection of product that are from the same category yet are completely different is a great way to display a group of items and can provide a quirky and visually pleasing display.

4. Throw Light on It

Using lighting cleverly to direct a customers attention to a collection of products is a simple and effective way to brighten up your product display.

5. Hang it

Often when merchandising the above head space can be forgotten however this space is great for presenting items that take up a large amount of valuable floor space. A bit of planning is required to erect but the impact is immediate. Consider what materials you can use to hang your items, the industrial style ropes used in this image compliment the rustic style of these pots.

Do you have any great styling tips to share?

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Style Challenge: Our In-house Merchandiser takes on our Quirky Wall Decor

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We gave Sue these quirky eye and mouth wall decor pieces and a blank wall, and asked her to style them up. See below for what she came up with. What a way to make an impact on a bland and dull wall!

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