Free Delivery

We provide Fast and Free Delivery to most States in Australia. No matter the size or quantity of your order we provide shipping to your door. For those in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory we have have a tiny 10% delivery fee, simply to assist in covering the postage costs to those areas. So for those states, if you order $1000 of stock, your delivery fee will only be approximately $100 - still one of the lowest delivery fee's you will find on Wholesale Homewares and Giftware stock. In addition to free and subsidised delivery we also have a No Minimum Order policy, so you can buy one item or buy 10 and we'll delivery it to your preferred address straight away.

How do we do it?

We are often asked how we can possibly ship our items for free, including our large and bulky items and the truth is that we've negotiated some great rates with our delivery providers. We've also made simply business decisions so that we can provide this service to you.

We know how annoying delivery fees are and we also know that every penny left in the cash draw helps to keep the retail business running. By forgoing attendance to Trade Fairs, sacrificing the use Agents and Representative and by streamlining our buying process by using this secure and easy to use eCommerce shopping website which assists to manage our inventory, customer accounts and payments, we've able to offset the postage cost for you. For our clients in QLD, WA and NT we've worked really hard to make that service free as well however, the distance simply means we must add a small surcharge of approximately 10% to help get the goods delivered to your door in those areas. It should be noted that this surcharge only covers a portion of the delivery fee, we subsidise the rest of the delivery for order to these States.

If you have any questions regarding our delivery (free or subsidised) please feel free to contact us at